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Friends of WiscoPT: Dr. David J. Foti

In the heart of our community stands Foti Chiropractic, a beacon of health and wellness that has been serving patients since 1978. Founded by Dr. Foti, whose 46 years of expertise in addressing low back and neck pain has garnered trust and admiration from all ages, the clinic truly epitomizes a legacy of care and compassion.

In 2007, the clinic welcomed Dr. Toy, Dr. Foti's daughter, who brought her unique perspective and a passion for treating families. With a special focus on families, Dr. Toy's dedication shines through, especially as a mother of three children herself. Her commitment to holistic care and her deep connection with families have made her an invaluable asset to the clinic.

At Foti Chiropractic, it's not just about providing exceptional care within the clinic walls; it's about giving back to the community that has supported them for decades. Over the past 12 years, Foti Chiropractic has contributed over $100,000 to Make-A-Wish and has been actively involved in supporting various local causes, including the Salvation Army, churches, animal shelters, and community fundraisers. Their impact extends far beyond the confines of their practice, touching lives and making a difference where it's needed most.

The true essence of Foti Chiropractic's success lies in their collaborative spirit and dedication to comprehensive patient care. Partnering with Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy has only strengthened their mission to provide the best possible care for their patients. By leveraging each other's specialties and working hand in hand, Foti Chiropractic and Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy create a seamless healthcare experience for individuals seeking relief and wellness.

This partnership exemplifies the power of teamwork in healthcare, showcasing how different disciplines can come together to enhance patient outcomes. Together, Foti Chiropractic and Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy ensure that each individual receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs, promoting healing, wellness, and a better quality of life.

As Foti Chiropractic extends their gratitude to Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy for the opportunity to collaborate and be featured in their patient newsletter, it's evident that this partnership is not just about combining expertise—it's about a shared commitment to serving the community with compassion, integrity, and excellence. Together, they are not just healthcare providers; they are champions of well-being, guiding individuals on their health journey with care, empathy, and a shared vision of a healthier, happier community.

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