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Physical Therapy Session


Return To Your Life Faster With PT After Your Surgery


Many people participate in post-surgical rehabilitation exercises as part of their recovery plan. It is very beneficial to the healing process and can help you get back to a more fulfilling life faster. Let Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy work with you on a post-surgical rehab plan so you can have a successful recovery. Click here to request an appointment to learn more about how you can benefit from pre-surgical physical therapy!

What Are The Benefits Of Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Pain medications just hide the sensation of pain, whereas physical therapy targets the source of the problem. To assist you in healing, a physical therapist will employ specific treatments, therapies, and techniques.

Physical limitations may occur following surgery, but our physical therapist will show you how to work around them. In many circumstances, this is possible with the use of assistive technology.

Your rehabilitation plan will also contain instructions on any lifestyle and/or nutritional changes you’ve made to improve your long-term health, prevent damage, and avoid the need for further surgery.

Our Wauwatosa, WI physical therapists will build a recovery plan that is tailored to you to help you heal and get back to your usual everyday life.

Why Should You Choose Physical Therapy Over Opioids?

An opioid epidemic currently has America in its grasp and is impacting every socioeconomic class. For this reason, the CDC advises people to choose physical therapy over prescription painkillers whenever possible. Their website states that an estimated 115 people every day die from an opioid overdose, and upwards of 29% of people prescribed opioids will end up misusing these dangerous drugs.

Preoperative and postoperative preparation and healing are essential for excellent postoperative outcomes. One of the most important reasons to choose post-surgical physical therapy is the possibility of reducing or eliminating the need for prescription pain medicines, such as opioids.

Types Of Surgical Procedures Physical Therapy Can Help You Heal From

Some common conditions that may lead to surgery include, but are not limited to:

  • Heart surgery – ablations, stent placements, cardiac pacemakers, etc

  • Full or partial knee replacements

  • Rotator cuff tears

  • ACL, MCL, and/or meniscus repairs

  • Total hip replacements


You should be informed that these therapies have a substantial influence on your body. Many procedures can result in considerable pain, irritation, movement limits, and inflammation.


Our physical therapists will assist you in getting back on your feet after surgery

Feel Better Before You Know It…Call Our Clinic

Set up your post-operative rehabilitation plan as soon as possible. Make an appointment now if you are planning on having surgery soon so we can help you get ahead of the game! We will provide you with everything you need to resume your life as swiftly and simply as possible!

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