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Physical Therapy Can Help With Recovery From Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries are one of the most common causes of injuries that necessitate medical attention. An accident can cause a range of problems in your body if it is not appropriately managed, and these injuries can cause long-term suffering.

Our Wauwatosa, WI physical therapists have the knowledge and experience to help you recover from any type of motor vehicle accident. To learn more about our physical therapy services and how they may help you get back on your feet as you heal from an injury, contact Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy now.

Types Of Automobile Accidents

An automobile accident frequently results in the most serious injuries to the head and back. Vision problems, concussions, and even skull fractures can all be caused by head trauma.

Whiplash is caused by abrupt movements of the neck and head caused by an automobile collision, which can be intensely painful and impair movement.

Herniated discs, neck injuries, chest injuries, compressed lungs, and shattered ribs are all common ailments. If you’ve been in a car accident and are experiencing pain in any of these locations, you should see a doctor.

Remember that not all symptoms occur immediately after a car accident—the worst of the pain can last for months!

How Can Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy Help Me Recover?

It is best to seek the assistance of a physical therapist at this time to help you heal more rapidly Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy. One of the most important benefits is that physical therapy improves recovery and can help prevent long-term negative effects like migraines and chronic pain.

Massage therapy, manual therapy, ultrasound, ice and cold treatment, individual exercises, focused massage, stretching, and aquatic therapy are some of the physical rehabilitation techniques used to treat injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. After a vehicle accident, the sooner you begin physical treatment, the better you will feel for the next 6 to 12 months.


Benefits Of Physical Therapy

There are several benefits of physical therapy for patients living with lasting pain from automobile accident injuries.

Restoring your previous function and mobility.

You can still benefit from physical therapy even if you were injured years ago! Physical therapists can help relieve old discomfort and improve mobility by using cardiovascular rehabilitation and strength training techniques.

PT may help you to avoid costly operations

This is not always the case, but it is always a possibility. Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy treats motor vehicle accident injuries in a healthy, natural way. The ligaments, tendons, and muscles that protect the body’s structures are strengthened by physical therapy. It can occasionally avoid the need for surgery, and it is far less expensive than undergoing surgery.


You will experience less pain

Physical therapy’s most obvious benefit is that it aids in the alleviation of tension and discomfort. A physical therapist’s recommendations for stretches and workouts all have a specific healing aim and increase function and mobility. Our physical therapist in town will create a therapy plan tailored to your car accident injuries.


Rehabilitation reduces vertigo and dizziness

Physical therapists can even treat vertigo due to a car accident. In as little as one treatment, they can fix a dysfunction in the vestibular system.

Give Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy A Call Today


At Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy we have helped several other patients heal from car accident injuries, and we can support you as well. Make an appointment with one of our Wauwatosa, WI physical therapists today, and let our trained physical therapists help you get started on the path toward recovery!

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